Cusutu n' coddu - Cucito addosso在线观看

Cusutu n' coddu - Cucito addosso

Cusutu n' coddu - Cucito addosso

  • 上映年代:2012  
  • 别名:Cut To Fit
  • 类型:动作 , 动画 , 短片
  • 地区:意大利
  • 更新时间:

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《Cusutu n' coddu - Cucito addosso》又名Cut To Fit。

Bloody revenge of a young tailor during the peasant revolt of Bronte, Sicily. Salvo, the land keeper, is at the vanguard of the revolt who wants to possess everything of the former baron, even something he can not have: his elegance, his style. Salvo decides not to kill Tailor in return for a beautiful tailor made cut to fit jacket. During Tailor's sewing work some tragic memor...

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