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When this short “coming attractions” promo was released to exhibitors in 1926, First National was third only ****-*** and Paramount among the major Hollywood studios and was about to celebrate its tenth birthday. Yes, it had lost Chaplin and survived several takeover attempts by its ****** (the 1928 one by Warner Bros would ultimately be successful), but it had also freshly mov...


Lycidas 2019-10-19

@Teatro Verdi “Films on Film”单元。类似电影制片公司推荐旗下明星和新片的广告。看着滚动的片名格外唏嘘,当年花大力气宣传的重磅影片如今绝大多数都遗失了,像是Colleen Moore相当重要的两部作品So Big和Flaming Youth,还有Milton Sills的Men of Steel。pianoforte Mauro Colombis